Martian Manhunter


Martian Manhunter, also known as J’onn J’onnz in the DC comic books, is played by the brilliant David Harewood. His alter ego on the show is as an agent known as Hank Henshaw. This costume was really fun to design and happened early on in season 1. It was a major undertaking, as it was going to be a major role on the show, and also because the character is well loved in the DC world. I looked to the comic book versions of the costume to draw inspiration. I also wanted to make sure this costume would look amazing on camera, so the colors and fabrics were chosen carefully. The majority of the material I printed some neoprene to help make it look scaly, I wanted it to feel like a lizard like skin – something protective and other-worldly. You can now buy this figurine online! I am so proud to have been able to make my version of this iconic character. Illustrations here by Alan Villanueva.

  •   28 November 2017

  •   Client:

    Supergirl TV Show Warner Brothers TV/Berlanti Productions/DC Comics